Munich Investments Portfolio

The portfolio represents the full range of company's and initiatives presently financed by Munich Investments. Munich Investments takes pride in its interests, selecting only the most competitive business and corporations to represent. The portfolio below is a testament to Munich Investments diversity and cutting edge business practice.


Lamborghini Club of Los Angeles.

Enthusiasts auto club and exotic car rental agency. Los Angeles based organization - club that brings together Lamborghini owners and enthusiasts. Click For More

Vo2 Medical

Athletic performance testing. Anabolic threshold assessments also know as Vo2max testing. Vo2 Medical leads the field in sports enhancement programs. Click For More

DMV Certified Scales

Statewide public scale company in California, 4 locations in 4 counties. The company offers a competitive vehicle weighting service and has close ties with the Californian DMV. Click For More


Textile cleaning company in West Los Angeles. With over twelve thousand clients , BHCC Inc has a reputation for toxic free, environmental friendly practices. Click For More

Munich Investment Co.

Commercial real estate investing company. Munich Investment is building an extensive portfolio in the Los Angeles area. Click For More

C.P. Industries

Specializing in e-commerce, C.P Industries is currently developing, a national repair search engine. Click For More

Team Organization

Non-profit public benefit corporation. Team Organization received tax exemption status in 2007 and is rapidly developing. Click For More